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Pay me in Fireworks!

Mayra, Cory and I started working out on monday. Let me tell you. Monday night I was fine, but after yesterdays bout of KardioKickboxing my arms are barely functioning. That is not an exaggeration AT ALL. Tonight we do Body Pump and Crunchtime and I can barely feed myself, open the door for myself, or even drive. I had to use TWO HANDS to get the cap off of my hiliter this morning.
The good thing is I expected this, so this morning I got up early and packed Cory an extra-healthy lunch, ironed his shirt, did laundry, dishes, and cleaned out the cat's litter box. Then I made my own lunch, made the bed, folded up our sleeping stuff and played with our kitty Elvis. I figured if I kept myself moving everything would be fine. SO, that's why my spirits are up but my body just can't keep up.
And Mayra likes to be hot. So we went into the sauna yesterday and while she was complaining about how the sauna at 24 hour fitness is hotter and this one sucks, my eyelids felt like they are turning into paper.
It is fun though and we need to get into better shape.
Tomorrow is my mom's birthday and I have taken the day off to spend with her, and tomorrow is KardioKickboxing. Praise god.
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