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old spice is nice, but sweat is better

I got a kitty and I think it is safe to say he is my all time favorite pet. Hands down, the little guy just stole my little heart and ran away with it! He has one blue eye and one green eye and he makes me smile so much my face hurts. So now I am officially the luckiest girl I know. I have the most amazing husband anyone could ever dream of and the cutest, most wonderful little baby kitty on the planet.
Aside from our newest little bundle of joy we have been decorating up a storm! Lots and lots of pretty additions to make our little house beautiful. The newest is a fireplace screen/candleholder, and sheer, off-white polka dotted curtains that I bought yesterday and this weekend we are doing more painting and buying a TV stand. WHAT. IN. THE. WORLD.
We are joining the gym this evening and I see MANY strenuous workouts in my future. I will be getting my new car within the next couple of weeks and then I can take the baby kitty out for drives in it and I can just drive around and be totally giddy because I am gay for my cat. It’s sick, Seriously.
Also, I am buying my mom a pink tool kit for her birthday. The actual QUALITY of the tools is unknown to me, but I DO know that my mom is complaining 24/7 about my dad stealing her tools. So I figure if her tools are pink, my dad might be less likely to run off with them. I said MIGHT.
So that is my life right now. Some of it anyway.

It’s good to see Nia was found.
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