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OOOOOOOH, you and me, on a fantasy.

my hair is curly pretty much all the time now, and the compliments are endless. I didn't realize that putting ZERO effort into my hair would bring about so much satisfaction with my appearance from the general public, and my dearest.

i got an A in Biology, and so Microbiology and Anatomy and Physiology I and II come next.
Human Lifespan and Development over the summer. No time for down time.

Cory and I changed a poopie diaper together this weekend and it reaffirmed what I already knew: NOT FOR ME. Not right now anyway. I like being selfish WAY too much for all that stuff. For now I get my cute little baby fix from babysitting the inlaw's little ones (I guess they would be my nieces and nephew)
I was ready for bed time before they were! and I know it is really corny, but the middle one is a total crybaby (just like me) and so I used this trick I saw on Super Nanny and it WORKED! that's just so funny to me.
but Seriously: how am I supposed to be drunk all the time if I have to chase after little ones?

i cannot wait for Grey's Anatomy tonight! Oh my GOODNESS! if Denny dies I am going to be the most upset, big-haired redhead anyone has EVER seen!
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