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I took friday off, in secret, and my dad and I went to get my sweetie a kayak. We had a great time together, much needed time. Our visit ended with killer sandwiches and me rushing home and decorating the house with balloons and baking a cake. I decorated the cake with army men and dinosaurs and it came out VERY well.

So, I bought Cory a kayak for his birthday. A kayak and a puppy. I wasn't going to get it, but then something hit me on thursday and I just knew he had to have it. It is huge and awesome and huge and I am so glad I did it. There is nothing more fulfilling than making him happy.

Saturday we scouted around for cool places to take the kayak, then we went to target and bought an x-men kite and a nerf vortex football and headed out to find a park. We ended up at a church over by Armand Bayou and we RULED that kite. We had SO much fun, and I got SO sunburned.

Sunday we got up REALLY REALLY early, got donuts and went to the lake at his dad's house and KAYAKED! It was SOMETHING ELSE. I am SO sore today it hurts to do anything but lay down, and even that hurts, just not as much. Then we hung out with the kids, ate egg-shaped cupcakes and hid easter eggs in the blistering heat. It was a LONG and awesome day.

On the way home I was achey, sunburned and tired; but Cory serenaded me with a "She's like the Wind" sing along and the laughing drowned out all the hurty-ness.

He is the most amazing man in the galaxy.
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