the insults were me trying to make you smile (pleaseadvise) wrote,
the insults were me trying to make you smile

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i LOVE my life

Occasionally I'll start feeling down about the way things are going. It ususally illogical and hormonally driven, but nonetheless...
Yesterday I went on myspace and looked up several of the people I knew in high school and saw the music they listen to, the things they like, the way they are living. A tad stalkerish, I know. But it made me feel SO GREAT about my life.
As devastating as it was, ultimately I am glad to be childless. I am proud to have a partner who treats me like a princess, and works his butt off to make sure I have the things I want. Who is creative and hilarious and light-hearted. I am happy to be in college, and to have finally chosen a direction, and to have TWO families who love and support me. And (as a bonus) to have great taste in music.
Just in general I am pleased as punch to be where I am.
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